Print On Demand

Print On Demand Services at Copy Doctor

Our Houston and Friendswood locations offer the best services and equipment to meet your printing needs.

Print On Demand Equipment

Our high volume servers with internal back up system store your digital files securely.

File Sizes

• There is no size limit on a stored print on demand job
• Docutech files are scanned in as tiff images and therefore can not be text edited
• A page or pages can be updated by replacing the pages digitally in the document
• Text may not be changed in the document that has been archived
• We can change dates on covers each time it is printed and save it in a non-tiff image mode
• Once a file is complete in the archive system, a non-text editable pdf file can be saved in high quality

Customer Information

• Jobs can be stored in color or black and white for reprinting
• We prefer to save files with your file naming system to ease identification for you
• Simply email, call or fax in your order for reprinting. No extra charge for this service
• We are able to merge different files from different programs
• We can take digital files or scan your hard copy original to save for printing
• From simple forms to large complex training binders, we can archive it


Assume you have 20 different training books to teach classes or clients. You only need twenty books per each class taught, and you may have changes periodically to the manuals.

Simply email the changes and the number needed for the upcoming training session and we will print that quantity and make any updates needed to the digital file, and we’ll save that file for you.

Note: We prefer to save the file names based on your naming system for ease of ordering.

Your company sells training books. You would like to order your books on an as-purchased basis.

We set up and store the files electronically and you order when you need them at the quantity you need for the sale. This eliminates any extra books in your inventory in case there are updates to the books.