Foam and Gator Board Mounting

Need Foam and Gator Board Mounting? We’re the Experts!

What exactly is foam and Gator Board mounting? Gator board is about the same weight as regular foam board, has a rigid poly surface which is stronger than regular foam board, and is resistant to moisture. Unlike regular foam board which is simply foam covered with lightweight paper stock, Gator Board consists of an extruded polystyrene foam encased between layers of a melamine and wood fiber veneer. For this reason it resists warping.


• Any size up to 36×48 inches
• Stick on easels available up to 16 inches for boards up to 24×36

White Foam Board

• 3/16 inch thick
• Used for short term mounting
• Lightweight and can curl over time
• This type of board is affected long term by heat and humidity
• Least expensive of mount boards

Black Gator Board

• 3/16 inch thick
• Sturdy hard board that will not curl
• For very long term and outside usage, we recommend vinyl printing on a PVC plastic board (see outdoor signage)