Saddlestitch Booklets

Need Saddlestitch Binding? Call Us!

What is saddlestitch? It is a binding mechanism—a stitch of thread or a wire staple passed through the fold of a magazine or booklet. Saddlestitch booklets are generally the most cost effective way to bind a document in large volume runs under 76 pages. They are normally used on projects under 40 pages.

Saddle Stitch Print Sizes

Standard sizes include:

• 8.5×11 folds down to 5.5×8.5
• 8.5×14 folds down to 7×8.5
• 11×17 folds down to 8.5×11
• Other sizes are available including custom sizes

Produced Items

• Playbills
• Directories
• Multi page newsletters
• Smaller sets of materials with 80 pages or less


• Price varies from 15¢ up to 75¢ each
• Prices increase on custom sizes

Customer Information

Using a standard size booklet is more economical due to the fact that more of the
method to create a booklet is automated on the standard sizes lowering costs.

• Booklets can be printed all color.
• Insides can be black and white printing with a high quality color cover.
• All booklets over 5 flat sheets require face trimming to leave a smooth edge.
• Booklets need to be designed with every 4 reading pages making one flat sheet.
• If the pages are not set up in groups of 4, blanks will be in the back of the book.
• We can format single pages to booklet format at no extra cost (recommended).
• Booklet must be set up with 1/2” margins for the ease of setup and single
pages in numerical order.
• Note that our software places pages in the proper order for booklet printing.
• Booklets may be printed with a cardstock cover in black ink or color.

Paper Stocks

• All text weight paper stocks can be used for the inside pages.
• Cover weight stocks may be used on the cover
• Covers printed on the same stock as the inside is called self covers