Newsletters: A powerful Way to Share  Information

Good looking newsletters connect you to target audiences. Copy Doctor can help you update communities and keep customers loyal to your brand.


Normal size is 11×17 folded and saddlestitch.


• Available in color or black ink
• Large selection of astrobright and pastel stocks for black ink newsletters
• Smooth, gloss and matte finish stocks available for color newsletters

Customer Information

• We can print your flyers in any quantity quickly and affordably
• PDF files are the preferred format for printing
• Word, Publisher, and PowerPoint may also be used for printing
• Non bleed flyers need to have a 1/4 inch margin with no printing
• Bleed flyers need to have a 1/8 inch bleed on the flyers
• If the flyer bleeds to the edge, the image will be printed and trimmed 1/20 inch
on all sides to create a bleed. (see print ready files on setting up a bleed)
• A file set up all the way to the edge may also be reduced to fit on a standard size
sheet (usually 96%) and this will print with the required margins
• Non bleed flyers are more economical in terms of cost
Note: When ordering, please inform us on how to pack your flyers. We can pack in
bulk, or any quantity needed per box.