Large Format Black and White

Copy Doctor can print, copy and scan large format schematics, drawings (blueprints) or project schedules for your meeting or training exhibits, design and construction projects.

Print Sizes

• Any size up to 36 inches by 10 feet!
• Any  ISO A or ANSI A through E paper sizes


• Blueprint and drawing prints and copies
• Blueprint and drawing scanning
• Project schedules
• Flow diagrams
• Temporary low cost paper banners
• Training signage
• Enlargements of drawings for project and
arts and crafts templates (e.g. stained glass
windows, woodworking)
• Court exhibits of letters, documents, etc.
• Prints can be mounted to flat surfaces
• Volume Pricing Available on all sizes

Paper Stocks

• 20 lb bond
• 24 inch and 36 inch wide rolls