Large Format Black and White & Blueprints

Copy Doctor can print, copy and scan large format schematics, drawings (blueprints) or project schedules for your meeting or training exhibits, design and construction projects.

Color and Black & White

Print Sizes

• Any size up to 36 inches by 10 feet!
• Any  ISO A or ANSI A through E paper sizes


• Blueprint and drawing prints and copies
• Blueprint and drawing scanning
• Project schedules
• Flow diagrams
• Temporary low cost paper banners
• Training signage
• Enlargements of drawings for project and
arts and crafts templates (e.g. stained glass
windows, woodworking)
• Court exhibits of letters, documents, etc.
• Prints can be mounted to flat surfaces
• Volume Pricing Available on all sizes

Paper Stocks

• 20 lb bond
• 24 inch and 36 inch wide rolls