Custom Printed Tabs

We are Happy to Fill your Custom Printed Tab Orders

Why use custom printed tabs? They look incredibly professional in binders, folders, dividers and totes. Copy Doctor Friendswood and Houston can produce an entire custom coordinated package that will impress your clients. Custom printed tabs are a finishing touch.

Stock Sizes

• 9×11 size tabs to fit in a standard 8.5×11 document
• Standard custom tabs are 5 out tabs with black ink on a white laminated tab
• 3 out and 8 out tabs in white stock with laminated tabs are also available
• Stock tabs are printed in black ink as black and white book is printed
• Tab sets may also be quick printed to collate with a color printed book
• Stock tabs are the most economical and quickest to print
• Images may be printed on the front of the sheet along with the tab portion
• Stock tabs may only be printed on the front side of the tab

Custom Printed Tabs

• Available in any size from 5.5×8.5 to 9×11.
• Available in cut sizes from 2 to 10 out tabs.
• May be printed in color or black ink.
• Requires 1-2 business days to cut and laminate if needed.
• More costly to produce than stock tabs in black ink.


• Pricing on 5 cut mylar tabs black ink $1.25 per bank of 5
• Pricing on custom specialty tabs varied by job