Turnaround Times


We Know You Need It Fast!

There is no way to set up a time table that encompasses completion times for all jobs. Time of the day the order is submitted, type of job, finishing and print readiness all affect the completion times on orders. The earlier in the business day an order is submitted the better the chance that the order will be completed in the time you need it. We process up to 300 orders a day and begin scheduling jobs early each business morning.

Standard Items

Completion times for jobs depends on a variety of factors. The more organized and print ready the file, the faster we can begin on your project. Other factors include whether it is a project that can run mainly on the machines with little or no handwork or finishing. Keeping job specifications within standard sizes and machine finishing will allow for your fastest turn around times. Please take this into account when you are preparing your documents for a last minute deadline.

Print Ready Files

Having your project print ready will play a major role in how fast your job is completed. PDF files in high resolution are the fastest and most efficient method so we can begin printing your project immediately. Although we can handle Word, Publisher, PowerPoint and most graphics programs; a high resolution PDF file will allow us to begin on your project immediately. If you create your document in word, publisher or powerpoint and use odd fonts, please include the fonts when submitting your order.


We begin finishing your project as we print. If the job requires binding, keeping to a standard stocked color and covers will allow for the fastest completion time. We can always custom order certain colors and stocks if time allows, but for last minute orders please choose from stocked items. The size of books and the amount of post printing handwork such as inserting and trimming all affect turn around times. Detailed finishing such as odd size books, multiple inserts, folding, etc. all require more finishing time. Having more that can be done by automated machinery will allow for faster completion times.

Emergency Orders / Last Minute Orders

If there is any way to know ahead of time that an order is coming, it is best to contact us via email or phone and let us know you are still working on a project. Giving us the heads up on an incoming order will allow us to prepare and tentatively schedule your job to begin printing once we receive it. Our regular customers keep us posted and their jobs can be completed in a timely manner.