Quick Print Glossary

Need a reference guide? Check out the Copy Doctor Quick Print Glossary!


• A bleed is Ink coverage on the print that extends to the edges of the paper.
• To achieve a bleed the print must exceed the edge of the sheet and then cut to make the bleed.
• Machines do not print bleeds on the finished size sheet. They must be printed on larger paper to achieve a bleed after cutting (see print ready files).
• Most machines print a .2” white margin consistently on sheets.
• Bleeds on printed items usually add to the cost of printed items.


Sets are printed in numerical page order (each set contains the whole collated document).

Double Sided (ds)

Document is printed on both sides of the sheet.

DPI: Dots Per Inch

• Normal print quality is 300 dpi—a minimum resolution for quality printing.
• Web images on websites are normally 72 dpi for faster loading of pages.
• Weg images downloaded for printing do not print well due to low dpi.

Impression (imp.)

One printed side of any document on any size sheet: ss=1 imp., ds=2 imp.


One side of one sheet, like reading a book. One page of the book.

Example 1
• A 40 page stapled booklet is 10 sheets printed double sided.
• Four pages are printed per sheet in a booklet.

Example 2
• A 40 page document printed double sided is printed on 20 sheets.
• Two pages make up each double sided sheet.

Print on Demand

Storing a document so that it may be printed quickly as needed.


One sheet of paper with images on one or both sides.

Single Sided (ss)

Document printed on one side of the sheet.

Trim Flush

Mostly used in laminating, it involves trimming with no border to edge of page.


Individual pages are printed in the quantity needed.

For Example:
10 originals – 100 pages are printed and separated in stacks of 100 of page 1, page 2, etc.