In Person – Hard Copy

Drop Off Your Hard Copy Project at our Houston or Friendswood Storefront Locations

Sometimes all you have is a hard copy original. We can work with this type of document by copying straight off the glass or by scanning the document into our work flow system to create your copies.

When we scan the document we are not able to save the document as a pdf file. This pdf file from hard copy will only be as good as the quality of the original (no quality is gained) and we not able to edit the pages of the document. Documents with print to the edge will need to be reduced a fraction to allow for the border that digital copy machines apply.

Note that digital files will always print cleaner than scanning and printing from hard copy originals. The gray scale and color shades will print with more detail than copying off the glass or scanning the files for printing. Using hard copy is fine when text only and minimal halftones are on the originals.

You can visit either of our storefront locations to drop off your document project. We love meeting our customers and have built relationships in Houston and Friendswood over the last 13 years. We excel at retail and commercial high volume copies and prints and offer a suite of services for all your document needs. Perfect bound manuals and training binders are our specialty.